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Miami Heat Roster News 2014: Starting Lineup, Trade News, Are the Heat Still Contenders Without Lebron?

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The media attention on the Miami Heat has slowly worn down, as all eyes have since moved on to Cleveland. Without many basketball critics giving the Heat a viable shot to make a deep playoff run, its understandable how the veterans of Miami feel that they have something to prove. Heat GM Pat Riley is never out of the game for too long, and it is inevitable that he has masterminded a competitive team, even if they appear to be lacking on paper.

With training camp less than three weeks away, it will be interesting to see how the Miami lineup figures to work out. The idea of having McRoberts and Bosh out on the floor at the same time has to be a viable option for Heat coach Erik Spolestra. The Heat have always played small and athletic ball, but with LeBron James at the helm it didn't necessarily matter what offensive scheme was used.

James' absence leaves the fan favorite Mario Chalmers to run the offense. The jury is still out on Chalmers. Although he was a part of the two championship seasons, he wasn't necessarily the MVP of the team. In fact he consistently put up poor numbers and was blamed for being a key part to the Heat's loss to the Spurs last June.

Chalmers however is not backing down for his new role on the team. "I feel like I've finally got a chance to shine, show my real game," Chalmers told Bleacher Report. "Me, CB, D-Wade and the rest of the guys, we're going to pick it up, we're still going to play Miami Heat basketball, and we're still going to be a competitor." Chalmers confidence is refreshing, but only when the season starts will fans be able to assess how he is fairing.

When it comes to overall playing style, the new additions to the Miami Heat will have to adapt quickly to the fast-paced offense. This may prove to be difficult since McRoberts and Deng's former teams were among the slowest in the league. Potentially Spolestra could ditch the idea of a rip-roaring team, almost ensuring that the Heat are condemned to starting over. Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh have already undergone playing style changes and they were able to come out on top. Heat fans will hope for much of the same as their team tries to relevant in the high-powered Eastern Conference.

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