Updated 12:36 PM EDT, Wed, Sep 23, 2020

'FIFA 15' PS4 & Xbox One Release Date, Cover & Trailer: PC Game 'Unplayable'

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Players of the newest PC version of the FIFA 15 are saying that a glitch in the game makes it unplayable because when a kick-off starts, all players then rush to the ball located in the center of the pitch.

An INC Gamers report cited threads of gamers who complain about the inability of the game to enable its players to strike the ball in the direction where they want it to go. The report furthered that taking a shot results to a player turning around and sending the ball to the opposite direction.

The complication of what appears to be a bug is compared by many gamers to "weird anti-piracy measures" which publishers sometimes put as an additional feature in the games to avoid illegal duplication. But the gamers, according to INC Gamers, all purchased original copies which led to the assumption that the glitch could be far from being an anti-piracy issue.

As of this writing, EA has not yet released a statement to explain the situation though a thread about the issue suggests that users are intending to get the glitch across the publisher. There seems, however, no concrete answer yet to their predicament as the solution to the glitch remains a mystery as of this moment.

But an Examiner.com report said that EA issued an acknowledgement on the thread mentioning that "developers were aware of the problem" and that there was no immediate need to file a complaint regarding the issue. It also noted that there would be a patch to be released soon though how soon is soon was not indicated.

Examiner.com also discussed the issue saying that PC game looks "messy" as the players most of the time would bump on each other.

A YouTube user, Koldo Sagarzazu, even documented his experience--detailing how the bug is affecting the whole game, making the issue not just a minor one.

As Examiner.com puts it, PC versions of other games also experience issues but not as big as this one which it claims is already affecting the whole game itself, rendering it unplayable.

For now, it seems that the only affected version of the game is that for the PC and not the Xbox and PlayStation versions which were just released on Sept. 23.

But players claim that this should not put EA at ease because there are thousands of gamers who use the PC version and who would want to have a nice gaming experience, not one that is bothered by a glitch. 

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