Updated 08:34 AM EST, Tue, Jan 18, 2022

Beyonce Tumblr Photo Edited? Thigh Gaps, Wine Glass & Other Alleged Photoshopped Images of Singer

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Photoshop is the perhaps the cheapest way to get a visibly instant surgery--but for someone like Beyonce, is it needed?

The 33-year-old diva, together with husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy just had a yacht getaway in Portofino, Italy. This is where her alleged tweaked photos were shot.

According to TMZ, Beyonce posted her bikini photo on her Tumblr-hosted website just recently. Everything seemed to be okay at first glance, until one was keen enough to notice the oddly proportioned stair level that peeped between her legs.

One interesting detail to note is the stair's reflection in the yacht's wall, which seemed to be fine. BuzzFeed shared that people have noticed the details. If all these rumors are true, does Beyonce deserve the blame?

A commenter responded, "Well, this goes to show that even if you are Beyonce you can still be insecure about some things. Does this show that MAYBE she's human and not a Goddess Robot after all?" The comment received hundreds of likes.

TMZ also cited another picture where the diva was seemingly having a good time, with a disfigured wine glass and what looked like a phone.

Telegraph reported of an earlier photo speculated to be one of Beyonce's first edited images. The diva, appearing to play golf innocently, was busted by her spacious thighs. The outlet added that fans acted in defense, yet the picture seemed to speak evidently for itself.

Meanwhile, Beyonce has not directly confronted the allegations. In a report by Huffington Post, Queen Bey "rebutted" by posting more snaps on the same stairs, which looked perfectly okay this time around.

An earlier report from MWZA also questioned her real age. In a photo, wrinkles on the singer's temporal area suggest she might be older than her claimed years.

The configuration of her background was also altered in another picture cited by Bossip.

Does Beyonce really have to alter her figure by clicking here and there?

Queen Bey was reported by E! Online to be on a regular workout, eating generally healthy food. The outlet added that she indulges in a diet splurge at times, but eventually goes back to reset herself.

Back in December, Beyonce and Jay Z went under a 22-day meat-free plan. The couple worked with Marco Borges, personal trainer and CEO of 22 Days Nutrition. He told E! in another report that Bey "is all about health and wellness...She just wants to feel good."

But at the end of the day, Photoshop is still for everybody.

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