Updated 08:03 AM EST, Wed, Jan 20, 2021

Chicharito Hernandez & James Rodriguez Real Madrid Goals Highlights - Watch Video of Amazing Goals, Games Recap

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After a somewhat disappointing start to the season with a loss to Atleltico Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo and the Real Madrid all-star line up delivered Deportivo La Coruna an 8-2 thrashing. Ronaldo was able to net his third career hat trick, while playing on the road. Gareth Bale and Chicharito also added in two goals apiece, with James Rodriguez netting a 25-yard blast.

As lopsided as the score appears to be, both teams were even 30-minutes into the match, before Ronaldo decided to go beast mode and devour Coruna with a fierce passion. Although there were numerous giveaways deep in their own territory, the vast array of goal scores were mostly due to the skill of Ronaldo, Bale, Chicharito and Rodriguez. Chicharito added in a shot that was even farther away from the goal than Rodriguez. His second goal was arguably more brilliant smashing the ball on the hop just inside the box.

Rumors have swirled as of late that Ronaldo might be on his way back to Manchester United. While this move might be finically wise, Ronaldo has once again displayed why he is one of the top three players in the world. He has been plagued with injuries as of late and it still remains unclear if he is at his 100 percent best. Competitors will always beg to go out on the field even if they are not at their best. This isn't necessarily an excuse for his recent play, but there are always numerous factors that can affect a cold streak.

A promising sign for Real Madrid has been the recent emergence of Chicharito. Chicharito has been in a terrible slump dating back to before the World Cup. Although he remains a sub for Real Madrid, his services are visibly important when it comes to late game opportunities. Hopefully Chicharito will be able to gain confidence and get back to his striking ways.

James Rodriguez continues to arise as the next coming star for Real Madrid. He is young and he is the future of the franchise. Being paired next to greats like Ronaldo and Bale will hopefully be able to influence Rodriguez and hone his raw talent.

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