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'No Good Deed’ Goes Unpunished 2014 Movie Cast, Trailer & Reviews: Kate del Castillo Looking to do More Hollywood Films

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The Mexican actress is not saying no to more English-language films.

Fox News Latino reported that Kate del Castillo, famed for her roles in mostly Spanish television shows, said that language is not one of the factors she considers in saying yes to a project. According to the outlet, she bases her decision on "the role, the director, the actors and the story."

She added in the interview, as quoted by Fox News Latino, "When they give you work in interesting projects, it's important to do a little of everything. I live by this and put food on the table with this, so that any work is good, whether in Hollywood, Argentina or in Germany."

The Latina actress' latest project, "No Good Deed," casts her as the battered girlfriend of the lead character which is played by Idris Elba. The movie is about a convict (Elba) who escapes prison and terrorizes the home of Terri (played by Taraji Henson).

Del Castillo shared that she can very well relate to her role in the film as she was also a victim of domestic violence. "He's the typical macho who says that if you're not mine, you're not anybody's, and then it gets nasty," she said of Elba's character.

Apart from sharing the limelight with domestic violence reports in the sports industry, the film also made headlines this weekend when it took back an advance screening supposedly scheduled Thursday.

"Screen Gems has decided to cancel the advance screenings of 'No Good Deed.' There is a plot twist in the film that they do not want to reveal as it will affect the audiences' experience when they see the film in theaters. They sincerely apologize for any inconvenience," AZ Central quoted the statement.

And it looks like the move to cancel the advance screening was a good one--as the movie took the number one spot at the Box Office this weekend.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the $24.5 million ticket sales in the United States and Canada could be attributed to marketing. "We really believed the film would succeed ... and it did, in a big way," the outlet quoted Rory Bruer, distribution president for Sony Pictures.

He added, "There's no doubt about it that the social media team kept the suspense going and got everyone to become active participants."

Indie Wire said that although the movie did a good job working on the hype, it deserves a "D" for having a "worthless" twist and for being a "dreadful film" overall.

Check out the trailer below.

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