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iPhone 6 Release Date, Specs & Features: Where to Sell & Trade Old Models

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With everybody talking about Apple's latest event, the hype on the iPhone 6 grows stronger each day. And for a good reason.

The iPhone 6 is iPhone at its largest and thinnest. Specs such as the Retina HD display, 64-bit desktop-class architecture, iSight camera and Touch ID technology make older iPhone owners crave for the latest.

Possessing these unique specs that make the device undeniably Apple, users of the earlier versions can finally bid goodbye to their handsets and possibly get their hands on the newest flagship.

But how?

There are several shops through which iPhone users can let go of their existing units. These sites are willing to buy old iPhones for a certain amount or a gift card.

Gazelle has offers for iPhones 4 or greater. An unlocked iPhone 4 with 8GB of memory is priced from $10 - $55. eBay prices are approximations, given the variety and auction-nature of the site. An iPhone 5s with 32 GB memory in excellent condition trades for $461 to date.

Both Gazelle and eBay pay higher when the device is unlocked. Sun Sentinel said that unlocking is done by carriers.

Gamestop offers more generously as it buys working, damaged, or dead iPhones under certain conditions. A general requirement includes passing the CheckMEND verification. BestBuy offers trading possibilities for iPhones 3G or greater. Network, capacity, and color are some of the evaluation criteria.

More good news comes with regards to wireless carriers, as all four major ones have iPhone trading opportunities.

Verizon claims to be the "more rewarding" site for trading used devices. It offers a Wireless Virtual Gift Card worth $50, $100, $200 or $300 for qualified handsets and the choice to donate to HopeLine, a program that supports victims and survivors of domestic violence.

For iPhone 4 and above, AT&T compensates $200 or $300 for orders submitted before Sept. 30. Sprint has a Buyback Program working for a wide range of devices, not limited to Apple products. Meanwhile, T-Mobile's Trade-In Guarantee program asks potential traders to come back on Sept. 17 in its official site.

Now with Apple - it is possible for the Cupertino-based tech giant to buy your pre-loved iPhone back. However, one will not certainly get something in exchange right away, as Apple will return an Apple Store Gift Card instead, usable for purchasing the next available iPhone model. The company calls its program "Reuse and Recycling."

Other avenues for trading include Amazon, where device lock-in lasts 45 days.

Whichever outlet seems like the perfect place to trade your iPhone, be sure to back up information through iTunes plugging or iCloud syncing. After storing valuable data, proceed to clearing the handset by erasing all content and settings, under the Settings > General > Reset tabs.

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