Updated 01:22 PM EDT, Wed, Sep 22, 2021

Apple Watch vs. Moto 360 Smartwatch Showdown: Specs, Price, Feature Comparison

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After Tuesday's big announcement on the future release of the Apple Watch, Internet users are all abuzz about what specific specs the device will bring to the table. Currently smartwatches have not taken off popularity wise. Units are not being sold, possibly because of the decline of watches in general, but also because a smartwatch acts as merely an accessory rather than an essential tool. Users are not made of money, so the added expense of a smartwatch is so far an unnecessary need.

However, now that Apple is entering the area, users and fans are curious to see what new direction they will take the Apple Watch in. Since smartwatches have so far failed, what makes Apple think that they will be able to change the marketplace?

The top smartwatch to date is Motorola's Moto 360, which differs from its Samsung counterpart in the design aspect. The Moto 360 decided to take a break from the typical tech heavy offering to innovative junkies and instead focused on making an aesthetically pleasing device. After all, the initial point of a watch is to add some style to someone's wrist, not necessarily bog it down with a futuristic brick. The Moto 360 was able to master this perfectly, creating a timepiece that could simply be worn as a watch without necessarily needing it for tech purposes.

When it comes to the health aspect, which both devices are engaged in, the Apple Watch is slated to be more advanced due to the third party apps that will be accessible. The Moto 360 and Apple Watch each have a heart rate monitor and step tracker, but with the Apple Watch's syncing ability to Nike Plus and other already implemented features, the Apple Watch gets the edge.

Although the design of both watches differs in style as well as screen shape--circle versus rectangle--both screens are relatively the same size. The Apple Watch will feature sapphire glass, which protects against scrapes and gashes.

The price could be a deciding factor to buyers due to the accessory aspect of a smart watch in general. The Apple Watch is slated to be around $350, while the Moto 360 is in the ball park of $250. A $100 difference definitely gives the edge to the Moto 360, but in some respects, due to the supposed superiority of Apple's iOS 8, you might get what you pay for.

The Apple Watch easily wins in a spec battle, mostly due to the updated technology and futuristic superiority. That being said, consumers will hand down the real verdict as they determine what their specific use for the smartwatch will be.

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