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NFL Week 1 Wrap Up: Top Plays & Upsets [VIDEO]

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Fans all across America awoke on Sunday fueled with the passion that only comes from a seven-month hiatus from football. The NFL kicked off Week 1 with a bang, featuring numerous upsets and jaw dropping plays that left fans on either side of the aisle crying or shouting with glee.

In surprising fashion, three out of four of the leagues top quarterbacks were handed losses in their season debut. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers were decimated Thursday night, Brady and the Patriots were shut out in the second half, and Brees came up just short in an overtime fight with the Falcons. Peyton Manning was the only top QB winner in Week 1, and even he was almost taken out by Luck and the Colts after a heroic comeback bid.

We've assembled a list of the top surprises and plays of Week 1. Whether it's busting out an 80-yard dash or even kicking a punter in the face, Week 1 has a little something for everyone.

Patriots Shut Down

After entering halftime with a 20-10 lead, the Patriots looked as if they would quickly put away their AFC rivals, the Miami Dolphins. In utterly shocking fashion the Dolphins managed up to put up 23 unanswered points, while shutting out Brady and the Patriots in the second half. The Patriots will likely recover next week, but this may be a symbol of things to come as the Patriot dynasty slowly comes to an end.

The Vikings?

Although the St. Louis Rams aren't exactly the best team, no one expected Minnesota to pound the St. Louis D in a 34-6 rout. The Rams are without Sam Bradford at quarterback but their defense is usually always able to make life easier on the offense. The Vikings running attack was in top form as the torrential blowout ensued.

Finish Him

In one of the craziest plays of recent memory, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown attempted to hurdle the Cleveland Browns' punter. Brown obviously mistimed his jump and ended up dropkicking the punter in the face. Brown was flagged for unnecessary roughness, but it was well worth the entertainment and tears that fans get while watching a man get kicked in the face.

The Titans?

After the Kansas City Chiefs appeared to make serious headway last season, they took a major step back with their opening loss to the Tennessee Titans. Jake Locker performed like the first-round draft pick he was supposed to be. Alex Smith and the Chiefs have a great deal of work to do if they want to compete in the AFC West.

Welcome to Oakland James Jones

There's not much to say about this amazing one-handed grab. Just press play and enjoy.

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