Updated 09:56 AM EST, Wed, Dec 01, 2021

Wes Welker Molly Use: Broncos WR Gets Go Signal from Doctors; Still Suspended

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Denver Broncos receiver, Wes Welker, has been cleared to play by his doctor after suffering a concussion. However, he won't be able to play for his team after he received a four-game suspension from the NFL for banned substance use.

According to Denver Post, his suspension might just be reduced or rescinded if a new policy on drug use can be finalized by the NFL. The league and players have been discussing the agreement on a new drug policy which will include HGH testing.

It was further explained by Denver Post that Welker's suspension could be lifted since his amphetamine (Adderall) use could be shifted from the performance enhancement policy to the substance-use policy which do not suspend first-time offenders but only places them on probation.

But since talks are still ongoing, Welker was not able to join the Broncos for their Sunday game against the Indianapolis Colts. He may be able to play next week, if the NFL finalizes the new policy next week.

It can be remembered that Welker tested positive for amphetamine use but SB Nation said that he used Adderall and not MDMA (better known as Molly) as earlier reported.

The amphetamine Adderall is best known for its energy boost effect that can also improve a person's focus, SB Nation added.

The Broncos will have to face challenging plays going against Kansas City Chiefs on Sept. 15 and Seattle Seahawks on Sept. 22. They are set to go against the Arizona Cardinals for their fourth game on October 6.

SB Nation earlier speculated that Welker will be replaced with Demaryius Thomas allowing Cody Latimer to also execute his play for the team. Jordan Norwood was initially set to take Welker's place but had to opt out of the game because of a torn ACL.

But in a recent Denver Post article, it was noted that the Broncos will use seven-year veteran Andre Bubba Caldwell to replace Welker in their Sunday opener and that they did.

Though Caldwell is an outside receiver, the team made good use of him coupled with the plays of Emmanuel Sanders and Thomas in their victory against the Colts.

The Broncos won the game against the Colts with a 31-24 score that highlighted Peyton Manning's skills on the field even with the absence of his pal, Welker. According to AJC.com, Manning made three touchdown passes during the first half of the game.

Thomas, on the other hand, made a three-yard touchdown toss even with the Colts strong defensive end, finally sealing victory for the Broncos.

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