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NFL Opening Day 2014: Seahawks vs Packers Game Results & Recap

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If Opening Day were to be the yardstick, one NFL Super Bowl is not enough for the Seattle Seahawks.

Seven months after winning the Super Bowl for the first time, the home team ran away with a 36-16 victory against the Green Bay Packers during the Kickoff Opener held at CenturyLink Field on Thursday.

There was no more Hail Mary moment, the Los Angeles Times said, explaining that people were reminded of 2012's infamous Fail Mary--a controversial call on a touchdown pass that ultimately led to a Seahawks win. This time around, it said, the close call was nowhere and there was a faraway 20-point lead.

The winning team maximized the attacks of Marshawn Lynch and Percy Harvin, said USA Today. It exploited the rival's undermanned offensive line, especially the Bryan Bulaga sendoff via re-injury,it added. The team effectively limited backup right tackle Derek Sherrod.

Lynch was back in "Beast Mode" even as he missed part of training camp because of contract problems, Los Angeles Times noted. He upstaged sophomore Packers running back, Eddie Lacy, with rushing for 110 yards and touchdowns of nine and three yards.

Lacy was down to 34 yards in 12 carries, and as if that was not enough to make a bad day, he headed out in the fourth quarter with a possible concussion, the Los Angeles Times report added. 

According to Yahoo Sports, the Seahawks had the winning mindset while the Packers were obviously intimidated, with just half of its field invested in offense even as Seattle had exceptional defense. It added that former NFL MVP and all-time leader in passes, Aaron Rodgers, was not an effective hindrance to cornerback, Richard Sherman.

The Seahawks gave the 2014 season its first point with a 35-yard field goal by Steven Hauschka, 6:03 remaining in the first quarter. Meanwhile, Green Bay scored the first touchdown with fullback John Kuhn, off a miscue in the opposing team, LA Times reported. 

With a nine-yard touchdown by Lynch, Seattle broke the 10-10 tie late in the second quarter, after a low-scoring first, LA Times said. Seattle had a seven-point lead going into halftime.

The third quarter saw the Seahawks go ahead with 19 unanswere points. Russell Wilson had 19 of 28 passes for 191 yards and two touchdowns, LA Times said. At the fourth quarter, Rodgers completed the 10-play, 84-yard card with a three-yard pass to Randall Cobb; but the Seahawks replied with an easy score care of a fake handoff by Wilson and then a pass to Derrick Coleman.

In the final analysis, Yahoo Sports said, even if the Packers answered defense, strong offense was there. 

The win strongly indicates that the Seahawks can pull off a back-to-back Super Bowl, the Los Angeles Times said. For Yahoo Sports, it meant one question : If Seattle could destroy the Packers, which are known sleepers in the NFC, how would other teams compare?

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