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FIBA World Cup 2014: Team USA's 'Foundation' is Anthony Davis, Says Curry

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Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry seemed to be joking when he said that Team USA was relying on New Orleans Pelicans player Anthony Davis but reports say his joke seems to hold true.

"We'll be relying heavily on Anthony Davis to pull us through every tough spot. If he plays well, we'll be alright," Curry jokingly said in a video cited by Bleacher Report in an article.

He even added in the video interview that the team is excited having Davis on the team as he is the "cornerstone, the foundation" of the team. "There is no pressure as long as he's on the team."

His tone, according to Bleacher Report, was not serious but his words were actually factual as far as their FIBA games are concerned.

Davis is reportedly the most efficient shooter in the USA team as he was able to connect 73.7 percent field goals during the two games of the FIBA World Cup.

During their most recent game last Tuesday against New Zealand, Davis scored the 21 points of the 98 against their opponents 71 points. This performance was reportedly done while allowing his teammates toalso work their magic inside the court.

Bleacher Report added that Davis is a rare player as he tries to take initiative for the team as he steals shots and commandeers possessions.

His performance last Tuesday has become the highlight of the game especially the dunks he made during the game; like the alley-oop from Kyrie Irving that stunned even their opponents, CBS Sports reported.

But Curry also deserves praises, noted Sports Out WestThe outlet took note of Curry's offensive skills, describing him as "deadly from the long-range." His ability to go on a "shooting spree" during a game could also not be discounted.

Like Davis, Curry is also a "willing passer" and has an excellent vision of the play inside the court. But Sports Out West said that he has not been contributing as much to the team as Davis. His expected shots were not very much seen in their past games though his defense was truly remarkable, the same report added.

Whether the two players will still improve during the coming games is still yet to be seen. But fans are expecting that they will step up their performance, work as a team and not outclass each other.

Team USA is set to face the Dominican Republic next on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. ET. 

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