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iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini 3 Release Date, Specs & Rumors: Tablets Coming in October

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Those eyeing the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 must be ready as October is the rumored launch date of Apple's latest products. Information is highly anticipated in the assumed September 9 event, reported VC Post.

The iPad Air is Tech Radar's best tablet of 2014, and we can only expect its successor to be a much better version. Tagged with "the power of lightness", we wonder how light iPad Air 2 can actually be.

BreatheCast noted that the iPad Air 2 is actually the seventh installment of Apple's full-size iPad series. The source reported of rumors on the device's possible specification which includes new A8 processor chips, an upgraded camera, slimmer design, 2 GB RAM, and split-screen multitasking capability.

The first week of November 2014 is believed to be the release date of the iPad Air 2, said BreatheCast. The source even stated that the product already went into mass production.

Reports from Korea mentioned about how suppliers have prepared for the production of iPad Air 2 in the latter part of August, said Know Your Mobile. The source added, "The iPad Air 2 will almost certainly look exactly the same as its predecessor, with the only changes being the introduction of new components: things like TouchID and the A8 processor."

On the other hand, the iPad Mini 3 has been noted by PC Advisor UK to perhaps, not be called iPad Mini 3 at all. The source said that it might be called the iPad mini Air instead, continuing the usual branding from the iPad Air and MacBook Air.

In addition, the source said that speculations on specifications include the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and a more powerful A8 processor.

International Business Times AU cited Apple-focused analyst Ming-chi Kuo who allegedly "confirms" five specifications that will be present in both the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3:

1. A8 CPU - A 64-bit A8 processing will operate Air 2 and the Mini 3, granting better overall performance, enhanced graphic rendering and more efficient energy utilization.

2. iOS 8 - The Apple OS will handle high-octane mobile computing, better stability and security.

3. 8MP sensor plus "killer cam features" - Kuo expects both tablets to have an 8MP rear shooter.

4. Touch ID - The feature is the same one in the iPhone 5s - a fingerprint scanner that heightens security protocol. The two upcoming devices could be the first tablets to host biometric security.

5. Same look, design language and price

There is much to look forward to with these upcoming Air tablets, and we can only wait until Apple finally unveils the truth on its rumored September 9 launch.

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