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Lupillo Rivera 2014 News: Singer Rushed to Hospital; Wife Asking for Prayers

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Singer Lupillo Rivera was rushed to the hospital after experiencing difficulty breathing, which was confirmed by his publicist to have been caused by pneumonia, reports The Epoch Times.

Mayeli Rivera, wife of Lupillo, informed worried fans on her Instagram account: "I never do these things but today it's important that I ask you to help us in asking God for the quick recovery of my husband Lupillo Rivera," she wrote on the photo sharing service attaching of pic of the singer being treated. "Unfortunately today he fell into the hospital due to a severe respiratory problem (I cannot give details) but I know he is going to be fine."

The singer was reportedly taken to the hospital early Saturday for observation. According to the Latin Times, the 42-year-old's publicist revealed that he's been feeling under the weather for nearly a week but he dismissed his symptoms as those from the common cold. His team continued to share that he was taking medication to address his illness but it wasn't providing relief.

As an update, the Hispanic News Network noted that according to Mayeli, Lupillo's condition is improving. He has been "released from the hospital and needs to see a specialist concerning his recent respiratory problem. Lupillo will take a few day to recuperate."

It was earlier reported by the Latin Post that Rivera has been dealing with family issues. The recording artist hasn't been on good terms with his brothers, Juan and Gustavo, because he reportedly believes they "spend time making fun of delicate things in his life."

"Through social media, they like to post pictures of my ex-wife Maria, something that makes my actual wife, Mayeli, very uncomfortable," quoted TV y Novelas via the site.

He does, however, speak to his mother, Rosa Rivera, but not as much as she would like. Lupillo says they speak at least weekly, the Latin Post added.

Many fans have been pouring in their well-wishes for Lupillo on social media.

One Instagram user commented: "Praying that soon he'll be ok! God is on his side!"

"@mayelirivera hopefully @lupilloriveraoficial u rest as much as u need ur real fans are going to wait 4 u until u feel ready we need 4 u to be ok n be with ur fans another good loving rivera can't leave us please take ur time n rest," said Instagram user "rodriquez_4."

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