Updated 11:57 PM EST, Sat, Nov 27, 2021

Peyton Manning on Taunting Fine: 'Money Well Spent'

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Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was slapped with a fine amounting to more than $8,000 for taunting DJ Swearinger, who plays safety for the Houston Texans, during preseason game last week.

Earlier reports of the incident said that Manning confronted Swearinger for hitting Wes Welker on the head causing serious concussion on the athlete. Swearinger's act, according to the New York Times, gave him a 15-yard personal foul but there was no information if he would be fined for what he did.

But in an interview with ESPN, Manning said that he accepts the $8,268 penalty and claimed that it will be "money well spent."

He was obviously furious at Swearinger for hitting his teammate and did not care if he will commit the first personal foul in his career. According to Swearinger, the quarterback uttered the four-letter word followed by "you."

Manning maintained that he only did what he was supposed to do to fight for "Welker's well-being."

"I think if you're going to get one, that's a good time to get one," he added.

The quarterback also told the Denver Channel that Swearinger responded by saying:  "Thanks. I appreciate it. Good luck to you, as well."

As for Welker, Broncos head coach John Fox said that the player is now recovering fast. "He is doing fantastic in the process. We'll take it one day [at a time], and [he had] another positive day today."

Pro Football Talk added that he has been cleared to travel but not to play.

Welker will still not be able to play as he is still weak after the injury. Pro Football talk explained that the player's career concussions take longer time to heal and that he has to give this one time to fully heal for him to recover fast.

His injury is an eye-opener for all athletes - reminding them of the dangers they are facing and making them realize at some point that they should be putting their health and best interests face before the game or the team. The team and Welker's family has also warned him that he should be careful next time to avoid any more injuries for him to keep on playing.

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