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Smartwatches 2014 for iOS & Android Devices: 5 New Wearables for Your Phone

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With leaks and rumors of a new smartwatch sprouting left and right, it's a bit hard to keep up with what's new in the world of wrist-wearable devices. Here's a quick list of the newest confirmed and rumored smartwatches for your iOS and Android devices.

Motorola's Moto 360

The smartwatch made headlines the past week after its full specs and price were accidentally published by Best Buy. The listing, spotted by Droid Life, reveals almost all the juicy details about the wearable device.

Though Motorola has not confirmed if the leak was legit, the features and specs are pretty convincing.  See below:

Compatible with most devices with an Android 4.3 or later operating system

Bluetooth 4.0 technology

Voice activated

Vibration alert

1.5″ backlit LCD touch screen

Built-in optical heart rate monitor (PPG)

Built-in pedometer

Digital watch interface

Waterproof up to 3.3′ for up to 30 minutes

Stainless-steel case and plastic case back

Built-in lithium-ion battery pack

Texas Instruments processor

As for price, interested buyers of the Moto 360 will have to fork out $250 for the device. Droid Life said that the smartwatch is rumored to be unveiled at a September 4 media event in Chicago.

Apple's iWatch

iPhone users who are still in the lookout for a perfect partner for their device are finding comfort in the rumored iWatch, also known as iTime.

Apple Insider reported that Apple has been granted patent for an alleged smartwatch which "has augmented strap capabilities, support for arm and wrist gestures, advanced proximity-sensing circuitry and much more."

The smartwatch can reportedly "connect with other portables like iPhones, iPads, computers, or even the watch's straps which integrate sensors and other circuitry," added Apple Insider, quoting the patent.

Apple has not let out an official statement addressing iWatch and iTime rumors but Re/code said the Cupertino-based company will launch the wearable device on September.

Asus Smartwatch

The Taiwanese company has also solidified its venture into wearable devices by confirming an Asus smartwatch. The watch has no name yet but as we previously reported, the device will have a curved display, a smooth shell and a front camera among other specs and features.

The Asus smartwatch will be revealed on September 3, during the IFA event in Berlin, Germany.

LG's G Watch R

R is for round, apparently, and LG seems to have caught on to the Moto 360 trend. Mashable reported that the LG G Watch R will be unveiled at IFA 2014.

Unlike digital-looking smartwatches out in the market today, the LG G Watch R looks very much like an analog watch. But don't be deceived!

The wearable device from LG is powered by a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor with 512MB of RAM. It has internal storage of up to 4GB and comes with a 410mAh battery. It also comes with a 1.3-inch circular Plastic OLED (P-OLED) display and is water resistant, but only until the 30th minute.

Sony's SmartWatch 3

The company is joining Asus and LG in terms of unveiling a smartwatch at IFA, Tech Hive said. The outlet, hinging on a leaked image spotted by the Xperia Blog, said that the wearable device will be the next-generation version of the Sony SmartWatch 2.

"Details are scarce, but the image shows that the watch band and watch face are a single unit. The design looks similar to Qualcomm's experimental Toq watch, which stored its battery in the clasp to allow for a slimmer watch face," Tech Hive's Jared Newman wrote.

Which smartwatch are you betting on this year? Share your thoughts below.

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