Updated 03:51 PM EST, Sun, Jan 23, 2022

Suge Knight Shooting Update: Was the Shooting at Chris Brown's Pre-VMA Party Gang Related?

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Former West Coast rap mogul, Marion "Suge" Knight, was shot six-times early Sunday morning at a Chris Brown hosted VMA pre-party. The attack took place at around 1:30 a.m. at the 10AK club on Hollywood's Sunset Blvd, according to Sgt. C. Tartar of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Two other victims were taken to the hospital as well, but all three are expected to make a full recovery.

Authorities told Fox News that the motive and suspect are still unclear.

Jeff Gordon of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department told ABC News that the attack is still under heavy investigation.

"At this time we're not even sure if Marion Knight was the intended target," Gordon said. "And the other two appear, from their gunshot wounds, they may have been just trying to get out of harm's way."

Thomas Clark was at the nightclub during the shooting, and described the scene as being complete madness as partygoers flooded to the exits.

"Before I knew it, everyone ran and I got on the floor," he said.

Chris Brown was not injured the shooting, and took to Twitter to voice his dismay for the violence. His publicist released a statement to the media.

"This incident did not involve Chris," the statement read. "He has and will continue to cooperate with the investigation."

As one of the most controversial figures in rap history, Suge Knight has made more than a few enemies. His alleged gang ties and questionable business practices have made him a common target for assault.

In 2005, Knight was shot in the leg at a Miami VMA pre-party. Over the past two decades Knight has spent most of time behind bars for various parole violations.

Knight is allegedly largely responsible for inciting the 'East vs. West Coast' feud that ended with the deaths of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. Many have accused Knight of being a puppeteer of sorts, constructing the coast-to-coast battle as well as profiting from the hype it brought.

Conspiracy theories have surfaced since, citing that Knight used Tupac's death as a way to sell more records. Tupac was reportedly ready to leave Death Row, but was gunned down before the move was finalized.      

Knight has been shrouded in financial woes ever since, leading to Death Row filing for bankruptcy. 

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