Updated 04:00 AM EDT, Thu, Oct 28, 2021

'Sea World Sucks' - Jackass Star Steve-O Caught on Video Defacing San Diego Freeway Sign [With Video]

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Jackass star and apparent PETA member Steve-O released a video on YouTube recently that shows him defacing a San Diego freeway sign, slightly altering the off-ramp with what appears to be a canvas sign and some tape, to say “Sea World Sucks.” And while the video may be slightly hilarious to the controversial star's audience, it seems authorities may not agree.

Though the video is only now making waves, the “Sea World Drive” sign was actually changed back in May. According to Fox5, the news channel spotted Steve-O near the sign shortly after it was altered and asked the reality star if he was responsible, and he denied the allegations, according to the station.

However, that YouTube video released Wednesday clearly shows Jackass Steve-O -- and a number of fuzzy-faced friends -- setting up and scaling the freeway sign at Interstate 5 in an apparent protest against the theme park.

“I’m putting my foot down for Shamu,” Steve-O said in the video. “If doing that was wrong, I don’t want to be right! Screw you, SeaWorld!”

It's a pretty impressive -- although probably illegal -- feat, watching Steve-O make his way up the sign. The star, known for his controversial antics, has been a member of PETA for a number of years now, joining after a stint at the Ringling Bros. clown college. He's become known as an outspoken animal rights activist, which was only reiterated by his stunt proclaiming "Sea World Sucks." 

The California Department of Transportation released the following statement about the video, perhaps to deter any potential copycats:

“We consider defacing public property at a cost to state taxpayers an unlawful act and a dangerous distraction for motorists. We will refer all information to the California Highway Patrol.”

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