Updated 04:26 AM EDT, Thu, Oct 28, 2021

California Highway Patrol Officer Caught on Camera Beating Woman Relieved of Duty, May Face 'Serious Charges'

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A California Highway patrolman who was caught on tape savagely beating a homeless woman as she walked barefoot along a Los Angeles freeway has been relieved of his duties, and may face serious criminal charges, the CHP announced Wednesday.

Officer Daniel Andrew, who had worked desk duty since the videotape of him beating of Marlene Pinnock on July 1 went viral, has now been sent home on paid administrative leave, and the CHP has forwarded the tape to the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, according to reports.

“The California Highway Patrol has forwarded the results of a criminal investigation to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office outlining potentially serious charges for the officer involved,” the CHP Southern Division said in a statement.

NBC Los Angeles reports that CHP Officer Daniel Andrew was stripped of his gun and badge, then promptly sent home with pay while prosecutors weigh potential charges. Pinnock was treated at a local hospital for injuries to her head, and NBC Los Angeles says she continues to struggle with slurred speech over a month later.

In an interview with NBC Los Angeles, Pinnock said she felt that Officer Andrew was trying to take her life.

"He was trying to kill me," she said. "He was trying to beat me to death. He wouldn’t stop."

There is still no word on possible charges that the officer may face, however.

“I can confirm the CHP has turned over its investigation in the Marlene Pinnock case,” said Jane Robison, a spokeswoman for the DA. “It’s under review. It’s our only comment.”

The cellphone video shot by a passing driver on Interstate 10 shows the woman is running from officer. After he catches up to her, he wrestles her to the ground and repeatedly punches her in the head.

The tone of the person behind the camera, David Diaz, can be heard changing from amusement to horror as the incident escalates. Diaz stated that the woman appeared to take about 15 blows to her head during the scuffle.  

Her attorney, Caree Harper, said Wednesday said Andrew's suspension and and possible charges are long overdue.

“Jackie Lacey should have a booking number for him by tomorrow,” Harper said, according to reports. “Jackie Lacey should immediately charge him — we’d like to see attempted murder, at the very minimum felonious assault. He should be held accountable.”

Drivers on I-10 originally called police to report a woman walking down the freeway while barefoot, stating that she looked "drunk" or "high," but she was neither, Harper said. Rather, she had been off of her medication for bipolar disorder for a number of months, and she had tried to find a safe place to sleep, which was only accessible by walking along the freeway ramp.

“He grabbed me, he threw me down, he started beating me, he beat me,” Pinnock said during an interview with The Associated Press. “I felt like he was trying to kill me, beat me to death.”

Pinnock has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit naming Officer Andrew and CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow at fault for excessive force, assault, battery, and a number of other civil rights violations.

The CHP said it will cooperate with the DA’s Office and will also complete an ongoing internal investigation concerning Pinnock's case.

“The CHP understands the public’s interest in this case, and it is our desire to be as transparent as possible while adhering to the laws and due process that govern any investigation,” the CHP said. “We value the public’s trust and appreciate the community’s patience as we complete this important process.”

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