Updated 11:00 AM EST, Thu, Jan 20, 2022

Real Madrid News: Ronaldo Injury Update, James Rodriguez Continues to Dazzle

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Two games into the Real Madrid season, Cristiano Ronaldo is once again experiencing knee problems. After playing 60 matches last season plus competing in the World Cup, Ronaldo is due for some much-needed rest. Analysts and doctors alike have speculated that if Ronaldo continues to put immense pressure on the tendon in his knee it could rip. A ripped tendon could be a horrific injury, and possibly career ending.

However, as any pro-athlete should, Ronaldo continues to insist that he is all right. So long as his tendon is allowed to simmer down without having massive flare ups, everything should be fixed with a bit of rest.

Ronaldo was pulled from Tuesday's match against Atletico at halftime. Enter James Rodriguez. In his second game ever for Real Madrid, Rodriguez was able to break the 0-0 deadlock in the 80th minute. The victory was not to be, however, as Atletico's Raul Garcia leveled a decisive blast.

While Madrid and Atletico ended in a draw, the bigger story line is that James Rodriguez has seemingly turned out to be worth the $40 million transfer fee. There is no doubt that the Real Madrid upper management were high-fiving over tables and hugging each other. 

Moving forward it is unclear if Rodriguez will continue to come off the bench or if he will earn a starting role. Real Madrid is decently full at the forward three positions, so there is talk that Rodriguez might be transformed into a midfielder. Although this seems unlikely due to Rodriguez's playing style and strengths. It would be a way to get him and Ronaldo on the field at the same time.

There are no updates on Ronaldo's injury other than his coach is trying to dispel all seriousness from the strain. "He had a strain after the first-half and he wasn't comfortable. We will evaluate him tomorrow and do all the proper checks, but it doesn't appear anything too serious," said Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti.

Ronaldo is always going to say that he's ready to go. A club executive needs to lay down the law and make sure their star athlete receives the rest period needed to make a full recovery. Whether this entails only playing a half, or every other game, the point is that this injury isn't going to heal without proper rest and treatment.

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