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WWE SummerSlam 2014: Brock Lesnar beats John Cena; Claims World Heavyweight Title

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It was a dominating win for Brock Lesnar who beat John Cena to claim the WWE World Heavyweight title at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last Aug. 17.

According to SB Nation, "Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment and had Lesnar in the STF for a bit, but they were his only two moves of an entire 20-minute match. He took a savage beating from Lesnar."

The report added that Cena has been a long time champion at Money in the Bank but the Authority doesn't like him. Cena reportedly doesn't do what the Authority wants him to do. Because of this mutual dislike, the Authority decided that a fight between Cena and Lesnar was in order.

SB Nation noted that Lesnar got a louder cheer from the crowd compared to Cena. This was despite the victor being teased when he hit the F5 just after 30 seconds since the match started. Cena was able to kick him out and gain momentum but Lesnar was able to beat him badly as their fight continued while the latter yelled, "I'm gonna kill you."

Cena, according to SB Nation, did not make things very easy for Lesnar as he countered a second F5 attempt and hit an AA but the champion kicked him out eventually. Lesnar then laughed at his opponent who was already slumped in the corner. He then delivered a series of punches before shouting, "Die!" at the obviously weak Cena.

Cena then rolled into an STF to counter Lesnar's attacks but the latter did not have a problem answering it by delivering an F5 to clinch the title.

Hollywood Life, in a similar report, noted that Lesnar repeatedly asked the referee if Cena was ready to give up but the former champ said he will opt out of the fight.

After reigning supreme, Lesnar pulled Cena to his feet and showed his signature move before the count that declared him champion.

It was added by Hollywood Life that Lesnar was quite lucky for having the upper hand in the ring but noted that Cena will definitely come back with a vengeance.

Bleacher Report, on the other hand, said that Lesnar defeating Cena will be one of the hottest trending topics in the boxing and sports world. It added that WWE made a great decision in matching Cena up with Lesnar in the game that the report claimed to be the "burial of John Cena."

This victory is also considered to be the era of a new WWE poster boy who will soon make a name and win numerous titles just like Cena did.

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