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Cleveland Cavaliers 2014-15 Season Preview: Kevin Love Trade Update, The Pros and Cons of Love

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While the upsides of the Kevin Love trade seem to be utterly overwhelming, it is essential to also examine many of the negative aspects that Love may bring to his potential new team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. For starters, giving up No. 1 draft pick, Andrew Wiggins, could turn out to be a terrible mistake, depending on how his career turns out. There are numerous cases of mishandled draft picks, the biggest example being the Portland Trailblazers passing on Michael Jordan.

For all of Love's superior stats, it must be noted that not once did he carry the Minnesota Timberwolves to the playoffs. Granted, the Timberwolves were lacking a surrounding cast, but LeBron James and other elite players were able to make their teammates better. This trait doesn't seem to go along with Love, stemming from a career record of 125-239 (.343 winning percentage), with the Timberwolves.

Love has always been one of the worst defending big men in the league. To make matters worse, aside from LeBron James, the Cavaliers are a shoot first, play-defense-second kind of team. Championship rosters usually have a slew of two-way players who are able to defend just as well as they can shoot.  James will likely be frustrated when he sees the defensive skills of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love--or lack thereof.

In Love's defense, he was on the Timberwolves, a team that never had a chance to go anywhere. The constant toll of losing eventually leads to frustration, which can show itself in body language and team chemistry. It's quite possible that Love, being paired now with Irving and James, will be reinvigorated with the love of the game, and give 110 percent every night.

Although the Kevin Love trade is not yet set in stone, both teams have a handshake agreement that Love will suit up in a Cavaliers jersey at the beginning of the season. Love will have one year remaining on his contract, but he too has told Cleveland that he will sign a long-term extension. For a player who's never made the playoffs, the opportunity to suit up alongside LeBron James seems too good of an offer to pass up.

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