Updated 04:22 PM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

ISIS Iraq War News Update: Obama Declares US 'Broke' the Seige of Refugees on Mt. Sinjar

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President Obama announced that the support mission to aid the besieged Yazidi refugees taking refuge on Mt. Sinjar in Iraq has been a success, and that the refugees are no longer under direct threat of harm from the Islamic terrorist group know as ISIS or ISIL. According to ABC News, the US has been sending airdrops of food and water to the refugees, in fact, 114,000 meals and over 35,000 gallons of water have already been delivered by plane to those in need. 

President Obama declared that the refugees were facing "a terrible choice: starve on the mountain or be slaughtered on the ground. That's when America came to help." 

"The bottom line is, is that the situation on the mountain has greatly improved and Americans should be very proud of our efforts," the president stated. "I could not be prouder of the men and women of our military who carried out this humanitarian operation almost flawlessly." 

Before the president addressed the media, Kieran Dwyer, Chief of Communications for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said "several thousand Yazidis" still remain on the mountain and that it's "putting a massive strain on everyone."

"The situation on the mountain is not over," Dwyer cautioned. 

Obama authorized the US aid mission last week when ISIS militants began murdering Yazidis by the hundreds and drove them to seek refuge on Mt. Sinjar. The president OK'd air strikes intended to destroy munitions stockpiles and to protect "American interests" from ISIS attacks. 

The president still maintains that "no American military solution" exists in Iraq, and says that he will not send ground troops back in to the region in order to stop the spread of ISIS' power and influence. Obama also said that it is "unlikely" that the airdrops of supplies would continue much longer. 

The president still believes that the Iraqi government must come together and defeat ISIS themselves. A "more inclusive government" is thought to be the key by the administration to peace and stability in Iraq moving forward. 

The president did not make clear how much longer the air strikes against ISIS would continue. US military forces began attacking key ISIS resources with targeted air strikes last week when the situation for the Yazidis and Kurds in northern Iraq grew dire. 

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