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Kevin Ward Jr. Racing Tragedy, Other Dirt Track Racer: "I saw Kevin Ward Jr. clear as day."

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NASCAR was in the national spotlight over the weekend due to a starting accident that left Kevin Ward Jr. dead. 

The details about the incident are still unclear, but they're beginning to unfold as the days pass. According to reports, Ward was pinched by racer Tony Stewart coming into a turn, and his car collided with the outside wall. An unhappy Ward appeared to take offense to the bump and got out of his car, walking on the track towards the slowed racers.       

Fellow racer Paul Kinney witnessed the incident unfold.

"I drove right by him," Kinney told NBC News Monday. "He looked a little bit angry. I didn't think much of it. A lot of drivers do that."

Ward was pointing towards Stewart's car and looked to be angry about his crash. One driver swerved to avoid Ward, but Stewart was unable to avoid him, hitting Ward with the back tire of his car. Ward was sucked underneath the wheel and then spit back up into the air.

"I seen Kevin clear as day. Nobody else ran into him, either," Kinney said.

The young driver died of "massive blunt trauma," Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero said.

"That's obviously not a racing incident," Kinney said. "It's not a good idea to get out of your car and run towards other cars. But nobody can speak for Tony. Only Tony knows exactly what happened."

Authorities have said that they have no evidence to charge Stewart with criminal intent. As of now, the matter is classified as an accident and nothing more. Stewart pulled out of the Sprint Cup Watkins Glen race following the tragedy.

"People get a little carried away. I actually got a little bit angry at a fellow racer last year," Kinney told NBC. "You don't really think when you get out of the car. You just want to let 'em know what you're thinking."

It's unclear what new regulations will unfold due to the tragedy. Racers should never exit their cars while on the track, but it happens frequently and is a part of the sport.

However, it's unclear as to whether that will change following the most recent tragedy on the track. 

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