Updated 12:13 PM EST, Wed, Jan 26, 2022

Michael Pineda Pine Tar & Injury Update: Yankees Player Returns Wednesday

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After a four-month hiatus, New York Yankees' pitcher Michael Pineda is set to return for a game on Wednesday.

Last April 23, Pineda was ordered out for 10 games when pine tar was found on his neck during the match against the Boston Red Sox, The New York Times said in a report. He then missed a few more games after he strained an upper back muscle which affected his righ shoulder.

The 25-year-old pitcher, according to The New York Times, was supposed to undergo final rehabilitation but his team said that he is "strong enough" to return to the game against the Baltimore Orioles this week.

"If he felt he needed another one, or we felt he needed another one, that was built in. But we feel he's ready," team manager Joe Girardi told the The New York Times.

Girardi added that they will be monitoring Pineda's pitch counts during his first games. According to The New York Times, the returning pitcher threw 27 pitches during his last rehabilitation outing.

Pineda is reportedly "feeling good" about his return. "Everything is the same, and everything looks good. I'm happy. I'm feeling really good. I'm feeling really powerful," he told The New York Times.

The pitcher also admitted that he used pine tar but noted that the will never do it again.

"I learned from that. Everything is in the past right now. I want to continue my career, and that's it. I'm focused on my game, and I'm focused on my pitching. I said sorry to my team, sorry to everybody. Now everything is in the past," Pineda explained.

He also said that he has said his apologies to his team and to his fans. "So now everything is in the past. I want to continue my career and I want to help my team right now," Pineda told ESPN.

Pineda is recognized as one of the most effective starting pitchers of the Yankees going 2-2 with 1.83 ERA. ESPN added that he was allowed one earned run in 7 2/3 innings during his rehab outings.

Prior to his announced return to the games, Pineda was supposed to be replaced by Esmil Rogers in the list of the probable starters, ESPN added.

But the same report explained that the Yankees are struggling to remain in the AL East race. They are currently trailing the Orioles by six games and they have 10 remaining between the teams. ESPN said the team has decided to get Pineda back in rotation to step up their games.

"This is a guy who threw very well before he went on the DL, and it'd be nice to have him back. I feel good about him taking the mound. We need him to pitch well these last seven weeks or whatever we have left,'' Girardi told ESPN.

Pinesa is set to face Orioles' right hander Chris Tillman during Wednesday's game.

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