Updated 04:28 PM EST, Sun, Jan 17, 2021

Siri for Mac OS X? Apple Patent Hints Desktop Version of iOS Virtual Assistant

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It seems that Apple may be bringing Siri to Mac devices.

Apple Insider reported that a 92-page Apple patent application extensively details the mechanics of a virtual assistant for Mac devices. According to the outlet, the Cupertino-based company's new patent application, titled "Intelligent Digital Assistant in a Desktop Environment" was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday.

Based on the lengthy patent application, the alleged Siri for Mac devices can be summoned through numerous ways. One is by a mouse or keyboard gesture as depicted on one of the figures in the application. In the diagram, the user is depicted as making a circle on the Mac device's "touch-sensitive surface" to bring forth the virtual assistant.

The rumored Siri for Mac can also be voice-activated. Apple Insider said that it could be tasked to run in the background, just waiting for a phrase like "Hey Siri" to be brought to life.

"In some embodiments, an icon of the virtual assistant can reside in the dock, notifying the user that it is active and ready for service. This and other modes allow the user to speak commands and start dictations from anywhere in the operating system," added Apple Insider.

The Siri for Mac dock icon could also be the ultimate go-to place for users who want to get a myriad of things done such as sorting documents and files. The "focus selector," according to Apple Insider, serves as an aid for Mac users - essentially being an "iOS device user's finger, except with substantially more options for control."

But the desktop virtual assistant seems to be willing to offer more as it can also function as a "third hand." The Apple patent application explained the feature which has the goal of being able "to complete an ongoing task that has been started in response to direct input from the user."

Information Week pointed out that although the desktop version of Siri is missing from the iOS 8 beta, Apple will pretty much launch the new version of the virtual assistant.

"Apple execs have said that, even though computers and tablets are different tools that need different UIs, the users' digital experience should follow them across devices. Given that Siri is a core part of the iOS experience, it seems only natural that Apple would extend its digital assistant to Macs," the outlet reasoned out.

Do you think that Apple will roll out a desktop version of Siri anytime soon?

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