Updated 07:58 AM EDT, Wed, Jun 23, 2021

Can This Houston Teen Be The Next Superstar Of 'X Factor'?

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It took a Houston teen to electrify a crowd during last Wednesday's episode of the talent reality show the 'X Factor.' Josh Levi, a 14-year-old teen from Houston made the judges doubt the kid at first as no one expected what he would sing.

His audition piece was surprisingly teen pop-superstar material in the ranks of teen heartthrob Justin Bieber some would say.

The young teenager proved to everyone not only that he could sing, but also that he could be creative as he gave the song "Come and Get It" from Selena Gomez an interesting new twist. When he ended the song, judges Demi Lovato and Kelly Rowland were already into the groove dancing in their chairs.

Demi Lovato sent Josh a message expressing how much she was impressed with the kid being a true artist, having the talent to make something totally different from the song. On the other hand, Kelly Rowland said that he was no other in the industry.

Wondering what the Simon Cowell thought? He emphasized that it should not have been a song a kid like Josh should have chosen. But because of the twist the teenager made to make it his own version, Cowell had no other way to go but agree that the Houston kid has true potential to someday be a star. In short, he's in for the next round!

Cowell even thinks that Josh is a "future little star," the Houston Chronicle reports.

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