Updated 03:26 AM EDT, Wed, Sep 22, 2021

Dallas Zoo Adds Two Cheetah Cubs and a Puppy

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Dallas Zoo has three new furry additions to their collection in the form of two cheetah cubs and a Labrador Retriever puppy.

The two cheetah cubs come from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Va., reports New York Daily News. The cubs are both male and are siblings. They were born on July 8 and are now on their 8th week.

The two cubs, which are refreshing additions to the Dallas Zoo are named Winspear and Kamau. According to ABC News, Winspear and Kamau are part of Dallas Zoo's Animal Adventures project. Animal Adventures is an outreach program that aims to educate the public about highly endangered species. It will also inform the public of conservation efforts undertaken for the endangered species.

"It's a thrill to be able to tell the story about cheetah conservation and to educate Dallas Zoo guests about this magnificent species. Winspear and Kamau will become important animal ambassadors for the Dallas Zoo, building appreciation and awareness about cheetahs to more than 900,000 visitors each year," said Vice President of Guest Experiences, Sean Green in a post on Dallas Zoo's official website.

Winspear and Kamau will also be joined in by an 8-week old black Labrador Retriever puppy named Amani. "Amani" means "peace" in the Swahili language of East Africa. The black puppy will reportedly provide a "calming influence" over the cubs according to zoological experts.

The larger cheetah cub, Winspear, weighs in at about 8 pounds while the smaller Kamau is over 6 pounds. They are expected to grow up to 3 feet tall and weigh about 140 pounds when fully grown.

ABC News reports that according to Green, there is no need to worry about Amani growing alongside the two cheetah cubs. 8-week old Amani weighs about 14 pounds - almost twice as big as the cubs.

Green expects that in two years time, Winspear, Kamau and Amani will have an already established relationship. "They'll be together 24/7, and they'll really forage a very tight relationship, just like the two cheetah siblings have," he added.

Winspear and Kamau will not be joining other cheetahs in the Giants of Savanna habitat. Instead, the two cheetah cubs will be part of the Wild Encounters stage.

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