Updated 02:57 PM EST, Tue, Jan 25, 2022

Colombian Cartel Leader 'The Mouse' Arrested in Spain on Homicide, Arms Offenses

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According to Spanish authorities, the Colombian narco-trafficking leader Hernan Alonso Villa, or "The Mouse" is under arrest in Spain.

Alonso Villa was arrested Friday while driving outside of Alicante, a southeastern Mediterranean seaside city in Spain, according to a police statement released Saturday.

The 40-year-old is described as one of Colombia's most wanted criminals for his alleged involvement in the ruthless criminal organization known as Oficina de Envigado.

According to the police statement, Alonso Villa had 200 people under his command during his time heading Oficina, and was responsible for exporting massive amounts of cocaine to Spain, United States and the Netherlands.

The Oficina has been linked to nearly 400 murders, drug trafficking, and extortion.

Alonso Villa is considered "the top leader of the military wing of the Oficina de Envigado, a Colombian criminal organisation accused of 400 killings as well as drug-trafficking, extorsion and forced displacements of Colombian citizens", according to the statement.

Spanish police also stated that "He is one of the criminals most wanted by the Colombian authorities. He had more than 200 people under his command and was responsible for exporting cocaine to Spain, the United States and Holland."

Authorities in Spain arrested him under a Colombian extradition warrant for charges that include alleged homicide and arms offenses.

Alonso Villa was carrying about $54,000 in cash when he was caught, according to the statement.

The Oficina cartel was started back in the mid '80s as a group that carried out killings for the now-defunct Medellin Cartel.

Thanks to a strong cartel presence and a culture built around drug activity, Colombia is one of the world's biggest sources of cocaine. Authorities have been fighting to take down Colombian cartels for decades, but alliances with Mexican cartels and a growing international presence have only strengthened their hold on cocaine exportations.

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