Updated 03:18 AM EDT, Sat, Aug 15, 2020

Selena Gomez Emotional on Instagram; Are Posts About Justin Bieber?

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Uh-oh! Recent posts on Selena Gomez's Instagram account may be indicating that the singer-actress is going through a rough patch again.

The first post was a video of herself with her head by a microphone and in the background, a sad piano tune plays. No words were spoken which made the video all the more melancholic.

The video post was simply captioned and didn't give much away. "I don't know. I'm on my way you know," it said.

If that wasn't bizarre enough, an hour later, she uploaded the first of three photos which was an upside-down screen shot of her video with people's comments on it. This was followed by a partial beach selfie with a dark, filtered background captioned, "Always said I was going to end up there, but I guess that's where it was meant to end."

The last of the series of curious posts on July 8 from the "Come & Get It" singer included a photo of a text message from an unknown person that read, "I just wanna give you a hug and remind you how special you are."

Gomez was spotted several times with Bieber, 20, in numerous locations, sparking reconciliation rumors. It was being heavily reported that the pair were getting on better than before but IB Times notes that sources are saying they've called it quits yet again.

This was amplified over the weekend as Gomez and Bieber were spotted celebrating the 4th of July holiday away from each other.

Piecing together the slew of speculation surrounding the pair's relationship, could it be that Selena is once again mending a broken heart? Is it possible that the recent Instagram posts are about the supposed down-in-the-dumps relationship status with Bieber?

If the former Disney star has called it quits with the industry's so-called "bad boy," who will she turn to now? Apparently, BFF Taylor Swift and Gomez had a falling out over the latter's relationship with Bieber but they reportedly patched things up during the MET Gala a few weeks back. 

Another option would have been Demi Lovato, but it was only last week when it was noted that Lovato un-followed Gomez on Twitter, indicating a possible rift between the two friends.

According to E! Online's sources, Gomez is truly head-over-heels in love with the "Baby" singer.

"She still loves him," said the source. "It is hard for her to get over him because they have so much history." The insider goes on to say that she can't move on from Justin even though all her friends and family members want him out of her life.

The following day, Wednesday (July 9), she posted a better looking selfie of herself all made up with a semi-smile captioned, "Hi New York."

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