Updated 08:31 AM EDT, Sun, Apr 21, 2019

Rihanna & Drake Dating Rumors: Rapper Overly Admires Skylar Diggins, BF Annoyed?

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With rapper Drake rumored to be showing some love for WNBA star Skylar Diggins, could it be his move to make his alleged ex-girlfriend, Rihanna jealous?

According to Hollywood Life, Drake posted a photo via Instagram in support of the female athlete. However, it was bombarded with way too many furious fans especially with news that Skylar isn't even single. The basketball player already has Daniel Smith as her boyfriend.

Drake's most recent upload shows himself totally into the Skylar fever. He wore a yellow oversized shirt that carries not just the jersey numer of the famed lady athlete but even the exact surname too, Bleacher Report stated. He was shown drinking from a red cup with his back against the camera. He did not mention the athlete in the caption but only stated:

"Feeling truly blessed today. Been down and I'm grateful to be on my feet in this wonderful weather with wonderful people."

Drake's friend, OB O'Brien, went to his defense to explain that the rapper only admired the pure talent of Skylar in basketball. "It's sexist and I won't stand for it. You want to be verbal bullies to my dog Champagne, when the fact is he is a fan of how she plays the game," OB explained in one of the videos.

His other statements include:

"Is she an absolute top goddess just draped in Dri-Fit? That's for you to decide. We like how she plays the game, and she handles herself like a lady."

"What's the worst that's gonna happen bro? You think Chamapagne's gonna what - fly her private to some fancy island with an NBA regulation court and weight-training facilities?"

And just like the fans who gave negative comments, it seems that the boyfriend of the 23-year-old athlete was also not happy with the alleged "flirtations" Drake is doing with his recent posts about Skylar, reports MStarz.

Daniel Smith fired back with a post via Instagram by posting a photo of himself with Skylar and tagging Drake's account in the caption. Drake's considerable number of posts involving the player must have certainly reached to a point of annoying Skylar's boyfriend. 

Skylar Diggins is a star player for the Tulsa Shock who also happens to be extremely attractive. Just like any other male fan, rapper Drake just could not seem to keep himself from expressing his admiration for the female player, states MTV.

It was also just recent that Drake's reported ex-girlfriend, Rihanna emphasized that she is not looking at getting into any serious relationship just yet. Incidentally, female rapper artist Nicki Minaj revealed that Drake is more into girls who act like they don't like him, in short the ones playing hard to get, wrote BET.

Watch the video below of Drake's friend OB which is just one of the four videos uploaded on Instagram.

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