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The 10 Best Goals in the First Round of 2014 FIFA World Cup Games (So Far)

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When it comes to gauging the excitement surrounding the Brazilian 2014 FIFA World Cup, these ten goals are examples what that fuss all about. Game-winners or not, these goals were swift, effortless, and pure adrenaline.

Here's to the beautiful goals that keep fans coming back, year after year. Hup, hup!

1. Van Persie vs. Spain

The Flying Dutchman was back at his scoring ways with this diving header in the game against Spain. Van Persie was able to sneak behind the defensive line and nail this decisive goal. Van Persie is on the war path this World Cup, netting three goals in two matches.

2. Cahill vs. The Netherlands
 In what is likely his final World Cup game, the all-time leading Australian goal scorer struck home this beauty off a well placed cross. Australia is going home early, but this Cahill gem will be replayed for weeks.

3. Messi vs. Iran It was only a matter of time before this walking highlight reel got on track. Messi and his famous footwork made two defenders collide with each other, leading to this remarkable game-winning strike.

4. Dempsey vs. Portugal
 The U.S. vs Portugal game was tied 1-1 when captain Clint Dempsey made this goal, which at first looked to be a game winner. After Zusi collected a rebound off Bradley's foot, he delivered a cross that Dempsey redirected with his chest into the goal.

5. Robben vs. Spain, Robben vs. Australia
 Every time the darty, left-footed Robben attacks, the fans of the World Cup hold their breath. When he is allowed to get into open space the one v. one is going to lead to a goal-scoring opportunity, and in this World Cup, probably a goal. Robben has been too good this World Cup to limit his highlight reel to only one goal, so here are two.

6. Brooks vs. Ghana
 After coming off the bench in an epic bout between the U.S. and Ghana, Brooks was able to deliver on this set piece with a header to put the Americans ahead for good. An unlikely hero, Brooks was one of the last players to make the U.S. roster, but Manager Klinsmann has faith in his young German-American star.

7. Varela vs. the United States Ronaldo hasn't been his usual self this World Cup, but the timing and positioning of his cross to Varela gives Portugal the chance to advance. Varela was able to score in 94th minute, making it the latest match goal in World Cup history, much to the displeasure of the American fans.

8. Chicharito vs. Croatia
 With this header late in the match, Chicharito ended his infamous scoring drought. Although Mexico missed out on winning Group A by a goal differential, Chicharito, the "Super Sub," can use this momentum to carry him through the knockout round.

9. Balotelli vs. England Italy is now out of the running, but if they were to have any shot at making it into the knockout round, it would have started with Balotelli. This priceless header during an earlier game to England was a stake through the heart of English team, and was the beginning of the end of England's World Cup.

10. Goetze vs. Ghana
 Following a perfectly placed cross, Mario Goetze drained a running header from inside the box. The speedy Goetze was hard to contain as he split the defense down the middle. The goal put Germany ahead of Ghana for all of three minutes before the game was pulled level.

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