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Forget the Soccer Stars: Watch these Top 10 World Cup WAGs Instead

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As the famous football stars compete on the pitch, climbing their way closer to the 2014 World Cup, there's a whole other competition going on, and it's happening in the stands.

The WAGs, or "wives and girlfriends" of those soccer giants, are equally as competitive, strutting and posing their way to the top of the WAG food chain. But they are more than just arm-candy; many are moms, and most have solid careers well outside of their soccer wife duties. They are journalists and models, and some became famous on their own volition, well before their superstar partners.

The wives and girlfriends of famous footballers have always been a source of curiosity for the fans, and rightfully so. The first women of football are elusive and coy, dodging the gossip columnists and paparazzi, with WAG pioneers like Victoria Beckham paving the way.

And now, with the 2014 World Cup well underway, it's time for the better half of soccer to shine. After all, jetsetting can be a tough job, but someone's got to do it. And in this case, that "someone" includes Shakira, the red hot partner to soccer star Gerard Pique. 

Here are the 10 best WAGs to watch this World Cup season. Move over, guys. It's time for the ladies to take over.

Atonella Roccuzzo

Antonella Roccuzzo, the girlfriend of soccer star Lionel Messi, is nearly as famous as her soccer star boyfriend at this point. She has been by Messi's side for a number of years, and is the mother to his young son, Thiago. Famously shy, Antonella has inadvertently built a following of her own superfans, who adore the gorgeous young mom for her style and grace.


If you don't recognize the name of that famous, hip-swiveling musician above, perhaps you should Google the words "Girard Pique" to find out a bit more. Shakira was famous well before hooking up with Girard, with the blonde bombshell building a name for her musical prowess in the years before her famous relationship. She is now hopelessly devoted to Gerard, with whom she has a young son named Milan.

Coleen Rooney

Coleen Rooney may have a famous last name courtesy of husband Wayne Rooney, but she is no kept WAG. Coleen is a television personality and writer, penning her own weekly column for OK! magazine on fashion. And she does so while raising the couple's two kids, Kai and Klay. 

Christine Bleakley

In addition to being Frank Lampard's girlfriend, Christine Bleakley is a broadcaster and television personality with a long line of TV credits to her name. Being a gorgeous, trend-setting WAG is only part of her job, obviously.

Irina Shayk

It takes a big personality to be the better half of Cristiano Ronaldo, and luckily this supermodel is up for the challenge. Irina Shayk has appeared on everything from Glamour to Harper's Bazaar, but she is best known for her famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue appearances, of which she's had seven. It's difficult to imagine someone upstaging Ronaldo, but Irina manages to do it.

Fanny Neguesha

Known as the "super hot" girlfriend of Mario Balotelli, Fanny is one seriously gorgeous blonde bombshell. It makes sense that she would be a model, with looks like hers, and the Belgium beauty is enamored with her soccer star fiance. She's only recently become engaged to the football hero, and she's already inked his name on her body in tribute. She's definitely one to watch this World Cup season.

Sara Carbonero

Named the "Sexiest News Reporter in the World" by FHM, Sara Carbonero is no ordinary WAG. Rather, she's a Spanish television presenter and sports journalist, and is also the jaw-dropping beauty that can be found next to Iker Casillas when he's not on the pitch. Her Twitter feed may be even more famous than that man of hers, with over 5 million devoted followers hanging on her every word.

Melissa Satta

Kevin-Prince Boateng's girlfriend Melissa Satta hardly needs to hang her fame hat on her boyfriend. Melissa is an Italian TV presenter and model, and she has graced the pages of Maxim and Sports Illustrated, just to name a few.

Pilar Rubio

Pilar Rubio may be known as Sergio Ramos' girlfriend on the WAG homefront, but what she's also known as is a Spanish TV presenter and personality, having earned a name for herself after her work covering events on La Sexta. FHM named her one of the sexiest Spanish women, a title which Ramos most likely agrees with.

Ann-Kathrin Brommel

The girlfriend of German soccer star Mario Gotze, Ann-Kathrin is a recording artist and model, and was filmed on the 7th season of Germany's Next Top Model. She's fine with being a WAG, at least for now, but has stated that own goals take precedence.  

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