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Nintendo Wii U Gets 'Legend of Zelda'; Will Game Save the Console?

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During the 2014 E3 games expo in Los Angeles, Nintendo has unveiled its first "The Legend of Zelda" game for the under-performing Wii U game console on Tuesday. The game-maker released a brief trailer of the game in action in the hopes that it will contribute to focusing some attention back to the struggling console.

The Guardian writes it might be the boost that the Wii U needs to get it back on track. The response of the press is encouraging. The game has amazing graphics which will heighten gameplay and take on an open-world, fantasy-themed approach.

"In terms of art-style, it had a touch of cel-shading, although a slightly more grown-up, less cartoonish feel than, for example, Wind Waker," continues the news outlet.

The last major success of Nintendo was in its "Mario Kart 8" release. The long-standing game company has also announced an upcoming "Super Smash Bros," which together with the Zelda title has the potential to be a much-needed deal changer for Nintendo.

The initial projections on the Wii U machine sales was set at over nine million but sold well below the target and is only pegged at under three million until the 1st quarter of 2014.

"It's a very big one for fans," Christopher Dring, editor of the video games trade magazine MCV explained to BBC. "If you look at the games sales figures, Zelda is not as big as Super Mario or Mario Kart, but the difference with Zelda is that many fans will buy the console for that game."

Dring says that a lot of consumers are still on the fence this year and while the forecast for upcoming games could change their minds, it may have been more beneficial for the company to have released the games this year. A major concern now for Nintendo would be its line-up for the end of the year holidays.

The game is set for release in 2015 which has analysts buzzing it may be the push Wii U units need to boost sales. If the game is a hit, it can contribute greatly to system sales.

See the gameplay trailer of Nintendo's new upcoming game "Legend of Zelda" coming to the Wii U below. The video is undeniably beautifully made. From the graceful detail in the grass movement to the landscape graphics of the mountains in the distance, the game is colorful and attention-grabbing.

What are your thoughts on the new game? Would you buy it?

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