Updated 09:28 PM EDT, Wed, Jul 28, 2021

Teyana Taylor - Brandon Jennings News: NBA Star Took Her Virginity Then Cheated [Dirty Details Here]

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Singer Teyana Taylor shared all about her previous relationship with Detroit Pistons basketball player Brandon Jennings. In an interview Wednesday with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, Taylor opened up about the intimate details of her relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

When Taylor was asked about the status of her relationship with Jennings and whether she was dumped for Tae Heckard, she says: "No, no, no that's not how that went. On Twitter he said he's been single for three years. Only Brandon and I know the personal things we had going on in our relationships. So it's like 'if you want to downplay what we have to build a platform for your current relationship, that's your business.' The world knows, I know, Brandon knows, that we were engaged and that was very public."

Taylor, 23, was not shy about admitting that Jennings, 24, took her virginity and remains the first and only man who has been to bed with her. The singer goes on to say she doesn't regret her choices with Brandon and is proud that she made sure she was engaged before giving up anything.

Last week, May 1, Brandon made announcement on his Twitter account, declaring his love for Heckard and addressed the rumors surrounding the new relationship. :

Teyana reveals that his belittling of their relationship has hurt her. She admits feeling "betrayed" by being downplayed and continues: "Brandon doesn't shock me anymore. My issue is not with Brandon, I'm not even upset because I know him. My issue is with Tae, that was my friend."

What do you make of Teyana's revelations? Are they juicy infos or did she reveal way too much information? It'll be interesting to see how the baller reacts to the tidbits dropped by his ex.

Other topics during the show? Taylor spoke about Rihanna, Chris Brown and Beyoncé. Watch the complete interview of Taylor in the clip below:

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