Updated 12:28 PM EDT, Thu, Jun 17, 2021

New Mozilla Firefox Browser Looks Like Google Chrome

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The new Firefox "Australis" looks a lot like Google Chrome, says a report.

According to The Register, Firefox 29 is a "dead ringer for Google's Chrome, although it does offer a few unique features if you look past the surface." A blog post by Mozilla senior user experience designer Jennifer Morrow details all the changes that have been made to the browser.

"It's not an interface adjustment or tweak. It's not a bug fix. It's a complete re-envisioning of Firefox's user experience, and it's been brewing for the past five years," Morrow starts off the post.

Indeed, Mozilla's "complete re-envisioning" has overhauled the once top browser. Changes brought about by the update include streamlined curves in exchange for the previous angled and edgy tabs and menus. Morrow says that the "streamlined" and "aerodynamic" design "[gives] emphasis to your current tab and subtly [understates] the rest."

Another noticeable change is the disappearance of the orange Firefox menu from the Mozilla Firefox 29 browser, notes The Register. "In its place is a new menu to the right of the URL bar that's activated by clicking an icon of three lines stacked on top of each other," adds the outlet.

Although the menu's placement is pretty much like Google Chrome's, The Register says that unlike the latter's text-based pull-down menu, Firefox "Australis" has a grid-like menu of icons instead.

Yahoo says that the new Firefox browser also introduces a new Accounts function - "allowing users to synchronize data and settings across multiple devices," just like Google Chrome.

The update is reportedly for the better, says Crave Online. The outlet opined that overall, Firefox 29 "looks much better right out of the gate, with less clutter around its address bar and its features and settings neatly tucked away in the right-hand corner."

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox for Windows, Mac, and Linux are downloadable from HERE.

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