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Halo 5 Storyline Revealed, More Information Coming at E3 2014 [Photos]

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A new leaked comic strip has revealed clues about Halo 5's storyline.

The comic features Scruggs telling Sarah Palmer about a conspiracy that's going on to hide the Didact, and he wonders where the Master Chief is, according to The Fuse Joplin. It follows up the teaser shared at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2013, where Master Chief wanders by himself in an empty desert.

It seems UNSC blames the covenant remnant for the attack on Earth, and the Arbiter is not able to peacefully reach a conclusion the ONI, who continue to fund Elite rebellion groups. Kilo Five Trilogy is able to continue fighting because of ONI, which makes it difficult for there to be peace.

The comic strip ends by emphasizing that Master Chief is not present.

Microsoft's Phil Spencer tried to ease concerns about the company not including important announcements at E3. The corporate vice president originally said that Microsoft had hit its time limit, so some news would not be included, notes the Examiner.

He later explained that while not everything will be shown on the first day of E3, there would still be more news coming on the second and third days.

"There are other places for us to announce things at E3. Day, 2, 3 etc. Show things on the floor," he said.

Spencer even went on to say that there would be more Halo news during E3, which is in addition to an industry source already having leaked that there will be a Halo 2 Anniversary for the Xbox One to come out later this year.

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