Updated 04:21 AM EDT, Wed, Sep 22, 2021

Bigfoot Caught on Film? Creature Featured in New Documentary

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Even if you don't believe that Bigfoot is real, the new documentary "Storyville Shooting Bigfoot: America's Monster" just might make you a believer.

A snippet of the documentary by British filmmaker Morgan Matthews has been released, which allegedly features the mythical creature on camera. The BAFTA award winning director claims to have captured Sasquatch while traveling with a team of Bigfoot hunters in San Antonio, Texas. According to the RadioTimes, the film was shot in the woodlands of Ohio and Texas and captures the outcome of a really close encounter with Bigfoot.

The sample clip from the BBC Four doc features Nevada hunter Rick Dyer, who claims to have shot and killed the ape-like beast and is now touring the country with the creature's lifeless body.

However, soon after shooting the footage Matthews left Texas because he and Dyer had a falling out over the ownership of the footage. But that didn't stop Dyer from returning to the spot where the Bigfoot was spotted, which is where he claimes he "killed the creature."

Some within Dyer's community are not convinced and believe this is a hoax. "There is definitely something still out here [what Rick did] was someone in a costume," said one person, according to the UK's Mirror.

Although Dyer maintains that his Sasquatch is authentic, he was caught using a $400 modified gorilla suit in a hoax back in 2008.

"The men in black came to take the Bigfoot. They took it, left me with nothing but I already opened my mouth and I had to do something so that is why I created a fake," he explained.

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