Updated 11:55 AM EST, Wed, Jan 26, 2022

Lefties Gives You the Zara Look for the H&M Price

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While Zara is definitely not the most expensive store, it's certainly not the cheapest.

Unlike H&M, Zara's doesn't quite balance chic and affordable as effortlessly. But Zara has a secret weapon: Lefties.

Lefties, a lower-priced line, has been in business for 21 years selling leftover Zara pieces, which is how it got its name, but it recently began offering its own womenswear and menswear lines, reported Reuters.

Lefties first looked like a discount store, but now it's much more on par with H&M, and Inditex is hoping that this will lure back shoppers who have foregone Zara for cheaper brands, which have flourished in that time.

Zaras has decreased its stores in Spain from 514 stores in 2008 to 469 stores at the end of 2012. Lefties has added five or six new stores over the last few years. Lefties is only available in Spain, where there are 86 stores, and Portugal, where there are 16.

Shoppers in Spain continue to be frugal, even though Spain's economy is slowly recovering.

"No one has any money to spend," Mercedes Granda, a shopper at the Xanadu mall, told Reuters. "At first I didn't fancy shopping in a cheap store like Primark. Then I got used to it. I think the quality is good."

Lefties was ignored by corporate brand Inditex in the past, but now, it's getting a little love. It's brighter inside the store and with its eye catching signage, and has new talent. And some believe that it will soon break out as its own brand and really grow.

Though its not offered in the United States yet, it's important to keep an eye on this brand. Some Zara stores may actually be replaced by Lefties, according to Carlos Hernandez from retail consultancy Planet Retail.

And there's always hope that an online store will push this brand to the forefront.

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