Updated 07:44 AM EST, Sun, Jan 24, 2021

'Criminal Minds' Season 9 Episode 18 Spoilers: The BAU Team Takes on Zombies in Milwaukee in 'Rabid' [Video]

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The elite team of FBI agents in the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) will be faced with stark raving zombies in the next all-new episode of "Criminal Minds" on Wednesday.

Last week, the team took on the Las Vegas underworld in "Persuasion" after mysterious drowning deaths were discovered in the desert.

In the upcoming episode, entitled "Rabid," the BAU will travel to Milwaukee after three victims covered in unusual bite marks are found in a shallow grave. The agents will get challenged to explain the condition of the bodies.

According to TV Guide, the official synopsis for Episode 18 reads: "Three bodies are found in a shallow grave near Milwaukee. The investigation reveals that the victims are all covered in animal and human bite marks. Meanwhile, Reid and Garcia work out for a company fitness test, but they try to hide their preparation from Morgan."

CBS also released a frightening promo video of "Rabid" in which zombies can be seen attacking people. It will be up to the BAU to find out who is behind it.

A number of guest stars will make an appearance in the show, including Steve Monroe as David Wade Cunningham, Dana Melanie playing Gloria Wilson, Chris Coy in character as Russell Holmes, Tammy Lauren as Liz Foley and Phil Abrams as Dr. Weinstein, according to Hollywood Hills.

"Criminal Minds," S9E18 "Rabid," will air on Wednesday, March 12 at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

Watch a sneak peek of the episode below.

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