Updated 04:41 AM EST, Tue, Nov 30, 2021

Kirk Cousins on Gay Athletes: 'Nobody's Perfect'

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Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins believes there's nothing wrong with gay atheletes playing football —as long they help their teams win games.

During a speech at NorthPointe Christian High School, Cousins, a devout Christian, said he would welcome a gay teammate with open arms as long as he can contribute and help the Redskins win games. 

"So from a football standpoint, if the guy can help us win, come help us win," Cousins said, according to Michigan Live. "Now, there are a lot of teammates in my locker room right now who may not have a homosexual lifestyle, but they have sins, too. They're not perfect. So I don't say they can't help us win. Nobody's perfect."

This isn't the first time Cousins has offered his to support to gay athletes. In an interview with MLive in 2013, when a question came up regarding openly-gay basketball player Jason Collins, Cousins emphasized the morality of not judging the lifestyles of other athletes and accepting others as they.

"I think we need to show love to every single person on this Earth," Cousins told MLive. "Jesus showed love to everybody, and whether it was Mary Magdalene, who was a prostitute had seven demons inside her, he showed love to her, and he didn't have a problem with her."

On the other hand, an unnamed source indicated there are few players in the Redskins locker room would have trouble accepting a gay teammate.

"I think some guys would kind of shy away from him a little bit... maybe three or four guys," said the unidentified player. "But for the most part he'd be accepted."

The acceptance of gay athletes in the NFL has been an increasingly popular topic of debate recently following Missouri Tigers defensive end and NFL prospect Michael Sam coming out to the media.

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