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'The Fosters' Season 1 Episode 18 Spoilers: Callie and Jude Make a Major Decision [Video]

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On the latest installment of "The Fosters," Jesus and Emma got closer while Mariana bore the brunt of vicious jokes.

In "Kids in the Hall," Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) is getting ignored by Zac (Juliana De La Celle) at school, while Emma (Amanda Leighton) flirts with Jesus (Jake T. Austin). Once Emma leaves, Mariana confronts Jesus, telling him to remember that he has a girlfriend. He insists that he and Emma are just friends.

When there is a fire drill, Brandon (David Lambert) and his friend, Vico, exchange Lena's (Sherri Saum) keys and try to sneak into the office. Vico stops because he sees Stef (Teri Polo).

In Lena's office, Stef and Lena are eating lunch while talking about potential sperm donors. Lena chooses an African-American donor, and Stef agrees to go along with what Lena wants.

Callie (Maia Mitchell) tries to have lunch with Brandon as friends, but it doesn't work. Callie then sits with Mariana, and tells her that Zac is mad at her because she ditched him at the party. Mariana then comes to the realization that she was on a date with Zac at the party.

Later, Mariana apologizes to Zac, and sees that Chase and his friends are making fun of her.

Meanwhile, Vico meets with Brandon and hands him a fake I.D. They decide to try them out, and they work. Yet, Brandon doesn't know what to order, and ends up ordering a girly cocktail. While there, he sees Dani, Mike's (Danny Nucci) girlfriend, who is supposed to be sober.

Back at the Fosters, Callie convinces Stef and Lena to let her take photos of her friends from the youth home so they can try to get foster families of their own.

Later, Mariana opens her locker to find it stuffed full of underwear. She tries to quickly gather them and dump them into the trash, but Lena sees her.

The moms have a talk with Mariana, telling her that she'll meet the right guy someday, and then she can decide whether or not she wants to take a relationship to the next level.

After school, Jesus and Emma are paired together in a wrestling match, and Jesus lets Emma win. She gets angry, telling him that she's his equal on the mat. Yet, her wild emotions drive her to kiss him.

At the photo shoot, Daphne, Callie's friend from the youth home, arrives late and asks to go to the bathroom, so Callie gives her Lena's keys.

At a dinner party that night, Lena tells Stef that she wants her colleague, Timothy, to be their donor.

The next day, Timothy tells Lena that he'll gladly be their donor. Then the principal tells Lena that Kindles were stolen from the school.

Callie hears about the Kindles, and confronts Daphne about it. Daphne is offended that she would be suspected of stealing, and tells her Brandon is the culprit.

Later, Jesus apologizes to Emma, and they kiss. Yet, he doesn't want to cheat on his girlfriend, so he realizes that he has to break up with Lexi.

On the next episode, "Escapes and Reversals," "Jesus becomes distracted over needing to make a tough choice, and his inattention affects his wrestling in an important match. Callie needs to choose between helping Brandon and protecting someone she cares about. She and Jude need to make a decision when a caveat stands between them and adoption. With the appearance of Zac's mother, Mariana gets a glimpse into his home life."

Also, TVLine reports that "Trophy Wife" regular Bailee Madison is joining "The Fosters" in season two. She will play a young woman connected to Callie's past.

Watch the promo below for the next episode, which airs Monday, March 3 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC Family.

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