Updated 07:38 AM EST, Tue, Jan 18, 2022

Battlefield 4 News: Platoons Coming to Game 'Very Soon'

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Developer DICE has confirmed that platoons will be coming to Battlefield 4 in the near future, according to one of the producers of the game.

On the Battlefield forums producer Jesper Nielsen confirmed that the social feature will be appearing "very soon" in Battlefield 4. Select users have been able to already sign up for the feature, but no specific date has been set for when platoons will become available to the general population of Battlefield 4 players.

Platoons are a way for players to get linked up through the Battlelog service and coordinate and communication with the members of the platoon. Nielsen failed to reveal specific details of what will be involved with platoons, or their features, but DICE appears to be fine tuning the social features found in platoons through the feedback of the early access users before announcing what will be a part of the new aspect of Battlefield 4.

Currently, DICE is holding a Player Appreciation Month during February to try and show how much they care about their fans. This event included the first community mission for the game along with other extras. Players have also been able to receive free Battlepacks and double XP weekends so that they can level up quicker in the game.

Battlefield 4 has had quite a journey since being launched. The game has suffered from a wide range of bugs on the many different versions of the game across different platforms. These bugs include game breaking glitches along with errors that disconnect users from online multiplayer games or prevent these games from starting. The technical issues have lead to huge backlash from the Battlefield community who feel DICE and publisher EA shipped an incomplete game. In fact, the game's reputation has been so negatively affected by these bugs and glitches that two separate lawsuits have been brought against EA concerning the company lying to investors about Battlefield's 4 development.

DICE and EA have managed to fix many of the problems found in the game through frequent patches. This is in part due to DICE focusing all its resources on fixing the game, which may delay several of the other titles the company is working on such as the reboot of the Star Wars Battlefront series.

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