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NFL Trade Rumors 2014: Washington Redskins Not Trading Kirk Cousins, Buffalo Bills Seriously Interested in QB

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The Buffalo Bills are reportedly interested in acquiring Kirk Cousins, who said that he is open to a trade, but reports indicate that the Washington Redskins will not make a deal for their backup quarterback.

Cousins recently hinted that he was looking for a change of scenery after Redskins coach Jay Gruden said that Robert Griffin III will still be the team's starting quarterback in the 2014 NFL season.

Gruden's decision to keep Griffin III as the team's starter moving forward means that Cousins, who had 854 passing yards with four touchdowns last season, will remain as the Redskins' permanent backup QB.

"Nothing changes from the day I was drafted. There's no chance to compete, so if I can't get it in D.C., I'd be open to having that chance somewhere else," Cousins said in a recent interview, Sports World Report reported. "I just wanted to make sure my opinion was known to my agent and to the Redskins."

The 25-year-old quarterback said that he wants to be dealt to a team where he can have a chance to at least compete for a starting role, but reports suggested that the Redskins are determined to keep him.

Sources said that the Redskins are planning to hold onto Cousins because Griffin III's history of injuries. 

Washington is also aware that they will not get a good value in return if they decide to trade Cousins at this point, which means that Cousins will have to settle for a backup role unless a team offers a first-round pick to the Redskins before the 2014 NFL season.

"Cousins is worth nothing more than a fourth-round draft pick the team originally spent on him. His time as a starter was average, not great. If Washington felt they could get a first round pick, a deal might be made, but they cannot so Cousins stays," Sports World Report added.

Cousins recently underwent Lasik surgery on his eyes to get rid of contacts starting next season. The Illinois-native believes that the surgery will bring significant improvement to his overall performance next season, expressing hope that it will also help him to finally land a starting role.

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