Updated 11:34 PM EDT, Sat, Oct 16, 2021

ICYMI: The Rock's First Movie Role, Kim Kardashian's Lingerie Shoot & Stars From '90s Sitcoms

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(Photo: Twitter / Condé Nast) Everyone’s getting in on Throwback Thursdays, even companies. Above is the picture that magazine publisher Condé Nast shared of its first issue of Glamour, which was published 75 years ago. See who else got in to the TBT spirit this week.

(Photo:Instagram / The Rock ) The Rock: Action star The Rock is a superstar now, but he first found success as a wrestler. In his Throwback Thursday photo, he shared the first scene he ever shot. He captioned the picture, “Sahara Desert, Morocco. My first scene ever in a movie… Told myself 3 things before the director yelled, ACTION… “Focus, find your power and don’t f*ck this up.”

(Photo:Instagram / Diddy) Diddy: Diddy didn’t share a picture of himself, instead opting to share one of Notorious B.I.G. He simply captioned the photo, “Miss you playa.”

(Photo:Vanity Fair ) Vanity Fair: The glossy decided to share a picture of a 26-year-old Marc Jacobs, which was taken about 25 years ago. In the article, he talked about going to Studio 54 and Anna Wintour. “I called Anna Wintour and I told her, ‘You’re my model in all this’ referring to her new title as editor-in-chief at Vogue.

(Photo: Twitter / Katie Holmes) Katie Holmes: The actress shared a picture of herself at 7 years old, which shows how similar looking she and daughter Suri Cruise look. Plus, check out those bangs.

(Photo:Instagram / Kim Kardashian) Kim Kardashian: It just wouldn’t be Throwback Thursday without Kim Kardashian. This week she shared multiple versions of herself in lingerie, where she was also wrapped in fur. The 2012 shoot was vintage inspired, she said.

(Photo:Instagram / Jessica Biel ) Jessica Biel: “I circled everything that’s wrong with this picture,” said Jessica Biel on Instagram. A younger, but not very different looking Biel wears baggy pants, strapless top and her tan is fully on display.

(Photo:Instagram / Sarah Michelle Gellar) Sarah Michelle Gellar: The “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” actress shared a picture of herself as a child wearing a Wonder Woman crown. “I always knew I was destined to be a superhero- I was just unsure of which one,” she said.

(Photo:Twitter / John Stamos) John Stamos: Uncle Jesse shared a picture of himself and DJ Tanner at a George Michael concert. “Can’t say ur uncle never took u 2 any great concerts,” he Tweeted at the star, whose real name is Candace Cameron Bure.

(Photo: Instagram / Candace Cameron Bure) Candace Cameron Bure: John Stamos is also responsible for this picture, which he sent to the actress that played DJ Tanner. “Why is my head so big compared to yours?!,” she said to her friend Andrea Barber, better known as Kimmy Gibbler.

(Photo:Twitter/ Mayim Bialik) Mayim Bialik: This old picture is a two-for-one. Not only is it a picture of the old “Blossom” star Mayim Bialik, it’s also one of Jennifer Aniston. “You can tell how much she liked me, right?! heehee,” Bialik wrote on Twitter.

(Photo:Instagram / Beyoncé ) Beyoncé: Bey took a look back at 2004, when she posed with model Naomi Campbell.

(Photo:Twitter / Girl Meets World ) Girl Meets World: New show “Girl Meets World” shared a picture of the “Boy Meets World” cast, and it is amazing.

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