Updated 12:33 PM EST, Wed, Jan 26, 2022

Battlefield 4 News: Weapons Balance Patch Preview; No Release Date

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Battlefield 4 will receive a new update that, rather than trying to fix the bugs and glitches that have plagued the game, will instead tweak the balance of several weapons.

While there is currently no release date for the update, the full details about the new patch can be found on the game's official websitePerhaps the biggest changes are coming to the DMR weapons in the game, which will have a variety of improvements added to them.

"Increased the damage of all DMRs across all ranges. Specifically, damage has been increased at long ranges to allow three-hit kills against unarmored opponents. Additionally, reduced the penalty to accuracy for sustained DMR fire, allowing more rapid follow up shots in combat. The amount of the damage increase varies from weapon to weapon, according to its intended range, rate of fire, and damage. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of DMRs in combat, and determine if additional action is needed to make DMRs a viable mid to long range weapon," wrote DICE's H Brun on the official Battlefield Blog. 

Pump action shotguns have also been tweaked so that their accuracy will be doubled while moving and aiming. DICE changed these weapons to encourage their use in close quarters combat.

"These weapons did not have any available barrels or grips that would allow a player to enhance their aimed accuracy. This change should make the use of pump action weapons with slugs much more viable at medium and close range by allowing more accurate fire," Brun added.

DICE also decided to reduce the long-range damage of the MTAR carbine rifle so that it is in line with other carbines in the game. Several general gameplay changes will also be a part of this new patch, ranging from adding an accuracy bonus to Heavy Barrels on the move and synchronizing the aiming of sniper rifle sites with the game's animation to make the action more realistic but while still preventing quick scope strategies. Finally, DICE also added some changes to the accuracy of shots fired while changing from hip fire to aimed fire.

"Adjusted the way inaccuracy is handled when transitioning from Hip fire to Aimed fire. Previously, if a player began firing before aiming, he would keep his hip inaccuracy while aimed, until he stopped firing. This was especially obvious with LMGs on the move. Players will now only be subject to the maximum aimed inaccuracy after the transition. While still terribly inaccurate, this allows for substantially more accurate fire than the old method and should allow players with LMGs to panic fire in close quarters, provided they are aiming."

Look out for this new patch and the changes it will bring to Battlefield 4 soon right here at Latino Post. 

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