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Xbox One News: New Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon Release Dates Leaked?

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An alleged leak of what Microsoft has planned for the Xbox One has revealed several new Xbox One models that may appear in 2014, but that's not all that appeared in the leak. Several release dates for both announced and unannounced games were also part of the leak, and if information is legitimate, then gamers will have plenty to look forward to in 2014 and beyond.

Originally posted on NeoGAF, the leak asserts that Halo 2 Anniversary will be released on the Xbox One on Nov. 11. The game will allegedly come in a Collector's Edition that will include beta access to Halo 5 and a War Collection that will have all the contents of the Collector's Edition along with Xbox One ports of Halo 3 and 4. The leak also stated that Halo 5's beta will begin in November 2014. However, the game will not be available until 2015, which contradicts the teaser E3 message that Microsoft delivered about a new Xbox One Halo title coming out in 2014.

Several other games were also given release dates in the NeoGAF leak, including Forza Horizon, which is apparently scheduled for an autumn 2014 release date. Also scheduled for the fall is the new Insomniac game Sunset Overdrive, which will be exclusive to the Xbox One. Another Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break, will appear around the holiday season in 2014.

Besides these 2014 games, several games were confirmed for 2015 in the leak besides Halo 5. One of the biggest is Fable Legends, the new title in the series that will allow four players to explore a map created by a fifth player who acts as a dungeon master like in classic Dungeons & Dragons games.

Finally, the leak gave some insight into when Titanfall fans can expect DLC to appear for the game. According to this source, the first batch of DLC is scheduled to appear 45 days after the game's March 11 release date and the second DLC will appear 120 days after launch.

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