Updated 10:53 AM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

Xbox One News: Newegg Selling Console for Discounted Price of $480

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At $499, the Xbox One is the most expensive consoles available today, but online retailer Newegg is offering the console at a slight discount.

Newegg is offering the Xbox One through the company's Ebay page for $480, but the listing warns users that only a limited supply of the console is available for the special price. It is unclear exactly how many units Newegg is selling for the special price. Interestingly enough, the regular Newegg listing for the Xbox One sells the console at the regular $499 price. Sales of the discounted Xbox One are limited to one per customer.

This sale seems to be a special deal from Newegg and is not indicative of an official drop in price for the platform. While Microsoft may have had close to 1 million unsold Xbox One units in 2013, the platform remains extremely popular and managed to sell 3 million units in 2013. Microsoft seems to be able to keep up with the demand for the console, unlike their fiercest competitor Sony. Sony has had difficulty keeping up with consumer demand for the PlayStation 4 as the console has been sold out in many different places around the world. Despite this, the PlayStation 4 has outsold the Xbox One in 2013, with 4.2 million units sold during the year.

The Xbox One's hefty price tag, $100 more than the PlayStation 4 and $200 more than the Nintendo Wii U, is the result of many different factors. Chief among them is the Xbox One Kinect that comes with every copy of the console. This device allows for motion tracking and facial recognition and can be used for logging in and out of Xbox Live or for different motion-based games. The Kinect also features voice commands for the Xbox One that let users start games or movies and navigate through menus.

It will most likely be some time before Microsoft has a permanent price drop for the Xbox One. Demand for the next-gen console should continue throughout 2014 as more games come to the console and people begin to switch over from the Xbox 360 to the new console.

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