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Thief News: Gameplay Previewed Before Release Date

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Thief hopes to reboot the classic stealth series for a new generation of fans, and developer Eidos Montreal has worked hard to make sure that the game appeals both to veterans of the series and those who are unfamiliar with the series. IGN has an extensive preview of the game before it is released on Feb. 25, and it looks as though Eidos Montreal has a winner on their hands with Thief.

One aspect that makes Thief stand out among other stealth games is the use of first person perspective. While third person games allow the player to see things that the character cannot and adjust to them, Thief has players seeing the same things that Garrett does, meaning that sneaking around and trying to stay hidden feels more natural than many stealth games. Players will be forced to hide behind objects and sneak peeks at their surroundings just like a real hide and seek game rather than be able to peer around corners due to an over the shoulder camera perspective.

Another notable aspect of Thief is the fact that Garrett is opposed to killing, so players must use nonviolent means to take on guards, if he does at all. Garrett cannot simply barge through enemies and overpower them, so players will have to sneak past them or try and take them out using unorthodox means as oppose to just killing every guard they encounter.

Several new features in the game such as a vision skill that highlights important objects in the game and a slow motion feature have angered older fans of the series, but Eidos Montreal has factored this anger into the game. Players can turn these features off and earn added bonuses for doing so. By allowing users to toggle different features on and off they can repeatedly customize their experiences in the game and make Thief last longer than many similar games. In addition, players can activate Iron Man mode, which restarts the game completely if the player dies.

These additions to Thief should make it so both old and new fans of the series excited for the game when it is released on Feb. 25. Bringing new features to the game should bring in new fans, but the ability to turn them off and recreate the classic Thief experience should make returning fans excited for the reboot.
Look out for more news about Thief as the game closes in on its release date.

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