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Uncharted 4 News: Release Date in 2014 'Doubtful' According to Naughty Dog [Trailer]

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When it was announced by Naughty Dog that the newest entry into the Uncharted series was coming to the PlayStation 4, many gamers were hopeful that the game would appear fairly soon to deliver a next-gen cornucopia of amazing graphics and gameplay. However, it looks as though fans of the series will most likely have to wait until 2015 for the game to be released according to one Naughty Dog employee.

Eric Monacelli, who is the community strategist for Naughty Dog, was part of a PlayStation Blog post that was hyping the new DLC for The Last of Us. In the comments section of the post one fan asked if the company was planning on releasing Uncharted 4 along with a Game of the Year Edition of The Last of Us in 2014. Monacelli responded with a simple "Ha. Doubtful." This seems to indicate that, despite the teaser trailer for Uncharted 4 and the hype surround The Last of Us being used with the cloud streaming PlayStation Now service, the company may not have the games ready during 2014.

While fans may be disappointed about this news, it is not confirmed that Naughty Dog could have one or both titles ready in 2014, but considering the company's devotion to perfection Naughty Dog would rather delay the games rather than rush a shoddy product out. Considering that the teaser trailer for Uncharted 4 did not feature Nathan Drake or any other familiar characters and had no information about what the game will be about has been released, Naughty Dog may have put together the trailer just to confirm to fans that the game is in the works.

As for a Game of the Year edition of The Last of Us, it could be awhile before the definitive edition of the game is released to the public. The Left Behind story based DLC has yet to come out for the game, and with the game's involvement with the developing PlayStation Now cloud streaming service Naughty Dog may be focused on those projects rather than putting out a Game of the Year version of The Last of Us.

Overall, it does not matter if Uncharted 4 comes out in 2014 or 2015, as fans will be excited to see the game whenever it comes out. If Naughty Dog is able to deliver the same level of excellence as they have before then the game should be one of the best to come to the young console.

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