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U.S. - Mexico Border: Is Donald Trump's Wall Closer to Reality?

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One of the biggest and most notable issues surrounding the 2016 presidential elections is a topic brought forth by Republican candidate Donald Trump. From the first day of his campaign, the candidate has centered his sights on one very visible target -- illegal immigration, and how he intends to solve the problem.

Trump's Proverbial Wall

Trump's solution to the immigration issue in the United States is quite simple. One, he intends to crack down and deport all who are in the United States illegally and two, he intends to erect a wall that completely separates the United States from its closest neighbor, Mexico. Trump's stance on the latter has been so assertive that he even stated that he is going to require the Mexican government to fund the building of the wall. 

The statement, unsurprisingly, has offended a number of notable personalities in the Mexican government, with former Mexican president Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon even going so far as to compare the Republican presidential hopeful to Adolf Hitler, reported WWAYTV3 News.

The latest critic to Trump's remarks, coming not from a former politician but from one currently serving as one of Mexico's public servants, comes in the form of Mexican Treasury Secretary Luis Videgaray, who condemned Trump's statements on Wednesday.

"I say it emphatically and categorically: Mexico, under no circumstance, is going to pay for the wall that Mr. Trump is proposing. Building a wall between Mexico and the United States is a very bad idea, it is an idea based on ignorance and that is not supported by the reality of North American integration," he said.

Trump's Increasing Power

As much as Mexican politicians are condemning Trump's stance on the immigration problem of the United States, the fact remains that as the 2016 presidential elections draw nearer, Trump's supporters have increased. In fact, recent surveys have placed him right in front of the Republican hopefuls.

It's not just Trump who has strong feelings regarding the illegal immigration issue, either. National Geographic even noted that most candidates on the Republican side, even those lagging behind the billionaire businessman, have taken the immigration issue as a focal point in their campaigns.

Erecting a wall will undoubtedly cause a significant rift between the United States and Mexico. Apart from being a physical wall that separates the two sides, the sheer presence of such an imposing structure is a massive symbol that the United States intends to keep to itself for the next few years or so.

Unfortunately, those fearing that Trump's wall might very well become a reality might have fears that are well-founded. After all, if Trump does manage to get even more support, then what will happen to the United States and Mexico's relations would be anyone's guess. 

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